Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Importing Wordpress to Blogger

One thing that held me back in moving to blogger was the lack of support for importing my old blog posts from my Wordpress blog. It's no secret that Wordpress makes migrating from blogger, but blogger doesn't make it easy to migrate in the other direction. A bit of googling turned up a few scripts and sites that supposedly could properly format my Wordpress xml file for importing, but none worked except for wxr2blogger, which finally make the task possible.

I was not able to accomplish the import after using the online converter for some reason (blogger would choke on the file, despite it being only about 53 KB in size) but thankfully, the command-line version did the trick. I ended up with 6 separate xml files, each containing a "chunk" of old posts. These imported successfully. For some reason, a couple of my posts did not show up in my dashboard, but it was easy to re-create them by snagging the HTML of each post out of the Wordpress dashboard and just re-posting them here. So, for anyone who may find this post while searching for a way to migrate from Wordpress to blogger, I recommend wxr2blogger.

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