Monday, October 12, 2009

User Database Manager

As I wrote about back in June, I have been getting back into programming this year. I started off in Python and it went well. Approximately two months in, I was able to write a simple database manager. It actually started as a response to LaRoza's Beginner's Programming Challenge #7 and turned into a bit of a monster as I added more and more functionality once I satisfied the initial requirements. The program is written in Python and uses a sqlite database. The requirements are pysqlite 2.x on the client machine in addition to an installation of Python.

I figured that since the program is robust and feature-complete (albeit limited in scope), it would be worthwhile to officially release it under a GNU GPL. This will happen once I figure out what hosting service and/or version control system to use.  Hopefully, someone out there in learner-land may find it useful.

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